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My name is blu, I'm currently a college student studying medical illustration, but my passion is tattooing. I enjoy doing cyber sigilism and fine line tattoos, however I love all styles. Follow _blu_tattoos to book an appointment


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What it do? It's your home slice Haji (Hajilla). I'm currently putting in that work at UNRIVALED INK. I have been professionally slanging ink for about 4 months now. My goal is to be versatile in all areas of my profession. TRUE STORY is what I live by. I've been doing graffiti since I can remember, and it got me ready for the tattoo world. Come thru to the home base and check out our family here, we have someone to fit your type of idea! Stay True.


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Stop in and exprience the RAW TALENT that only being UNRIVALED can get you.

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